Stand Up Paddleboards

At a first glance, all inflatable SUP boards look very similar, but there are actually many different design variations which can make a big difference to how and where they should be used. Extreme heat and cold can cause the board to expand and contract, possibly weakening it. Store it in a cool, shaded place when you're not using it. If you're leaving it out on the beach during a break, store it with the traction surface (the part you stand on) facing the ground.

It's a phenomenal board if you live in Southern California, or in a place with a bit softer surf wherever you are but is a great all around board that can also pump a bit more aggressively in faster surf. Adding length to a board also increases its surface area, so longer boards are generally more buoyant and can handle some extra weight and cargo.

These boards can be deflated, rolled up into their carry bag and stored in a closet. At King of Watersports, we only stock the highest quality stand up paddle board brands in the industry. One of the great pros to having an inflatable stand up paddle board is that they tend to be more durable than epoxy hard boards that are quick to ding.

But this is essential when surfing the waves. In my opinion, I think inflatable paddle boards are worth buying especially if you like to stand up paddling so much. Inside is the Cascade 11'0″ body, backpack, repair kit, high pressure pump with gauge, removable fin.

We are passionate about discovering new ways to make SUPing easier and more accessible to deliver the most authentic experience possible - paddleboards made by paddleboarders. The hard-shell boards can be sleek and shaped for quick response. The custom made paddle board CARGO NET clips directly to our boards or our Stick-On Deck Plugs.

The bundle comes with everything you need to get started from the board, the fins, the paddle, the pump, and even the carrying bag to keep it stored easily and also make transporting it a breeze. Inflatable stand up boards are quite stable and very durable.

If you find anything that has the potential to let water into your SUP board, get it taken care of immediately. It is a lightweight paddle board, easy to transport whether it is inflated or not. The Aquaglide Cascade 11'0′ inflatable paddle board with backpack and pump is a great buy at $799.

Paddle boarding, or stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) as it is also known, might not be an activity that everyone instantly recognizes as a mainstream sport, but that's changing. The NIXY is a pricier paddle board, but with its exceptional durable build and remarkable quality of performance, you will be getting what you pay for and then some if you deiced to go with a NIXY.

Some of the higher-price point plastic boards can be lighter but much like almost all plastic paddle boards their looks are quite bland, with simple color schemes and graphics. A detached, airtight center fin keeps your ISUP and you well-grounded to further encourage a zen-style ride.

We provide cost effective equipment for all areas of stand up paddling - paddles, boards, accessories and packages. This inflatable paddle board is an all-round board. If you're new to inflatable stand up paddling then you probably won't notice a huge difference between a well-inflated SUP board inflatable stand up paddle board and a hard board.

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